Saturday, December 15, 2001


It looks like Mullah Omar (the one-eyed Taliban guy) still has at least one fan - none other than Robert "Please Beat Me Up" Fisk.. I have no other comment on this except to say that I think that the journalistic reputation Mr. Fisk once apparently had is dead and starting to smell.

Courtesy of Daimnation.

Thursday, December 13, 2001

Note to self: in career as a Humanities mojor, remember to spit whenever Jean Baudrillard is mentioned. Read for yourself why.

I have a new career. I can see it now... my "art" -- a papier-mache toilet made entirely of torn-up works of Derrida and Foucault, and old issues of Cosmopolitan magazine; an empty garbage bag on a step-stool, entitled "Light"; a bas-relief of Buddha made entirely of kitty litter and decorated by those subscription cards that fall out of magazines, which I will call my homage to Chris Ofili -- on display at all the toney galleries and art museums. I could use the Turner Prize...

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

What's the best reason to go after Saddam Hussein? His insistence on spending wads of cash on developing weapons of mass destruction while Iraqi kids starve? His refusal to allow UN inspectors to do their jobs (and uncover his heinous biological weapons experiments)? The good possibility that he has been sponsoring and training terrorists?


The best reason is... he writes really crappy books.

Link courtesy of Daimnation!

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

I went to the laundromat today. (By the way, I am thinking of putting up one of those tip jar thingies. I want to buy my own washer-dryer set, or at least be able to rent one. Right now my cat thinks the utility room is one big litter box. "That nice clean litter box in the corner full of the expensive, recycled pine chips that are Safe and Biodegradeable? I just used that to play in.")

Anyway, I went to the laundromat, the cheaper one in Winter Springs. It has a little Indian food cafe next to it that I simply must try someday. Anyway, the laundry attendant had CNN or Foxnews on (the one with the crawling news banner at the bottom of the screen; I think it's Fox). They were broadcasting the press conference where the indictments against the terrorists, especially the one who is not dead (yet) -- that Massaoui guy. We were watching. The laundry attendant, a lady of I think in her fifties, turned to me and said furiously: "how they used us! They took advantage of us! Of our kindness and generosity and openness!"

Gosh, but the American people just don't get it.

I would say something, by the way, about Johnny Taliban, the California Traitor, but he and commentators supporting him have already been reduced to a (figurative) greasespot on the floor by so many other blogs.

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