Saturday, November 10, 2001

Oh the pain. Another analysis of the squirmy undersides of leftist opinion these days. Glad it's someone else has to do it. Oh wait... I go to university. Never mind.

Well, I attempted some adjustments on my page, but so far the template has resisted all efforts at change. Except for the all-important time stamp. that was easy enough to change from a drop-down list - d'oh!

Read this article: Victor Davis Hanson on war on National Review Online. Unfortunately the fact that it's on a conservative website will mean that people who need to read it (such as vacillating liberal types who are uncomfortable with ew icky war and killing but don't want the terrorists to get them) won't. Anyone who suggests that "Western Culture" actually desrves upholding and promoting risks having liberal minds snap shut. I am still waiting, for instance, for my professors at the "red-brick" university I go to, to realize that their ability to complain about "cultural hegemony" (of the West, and the US in particular, that is) is itself a result of the culture they are trying to "rein in" lest it run roughshod all over the "Third World," replacing their cute native cultures with dreadful Western ideas such as democracy, the rule of law, the idea that women are people too, and such.

Read this too. (especially the entry for November 9, 2001). More dispatches from the Ignored Heartland of the US.

Well, either something is wrong with my eyes or the majority of the people who designed the templates for this site have, shall we say, a rather different sense from myself of what colors look good together. I liked maybe three out of the dozen or so supplied. (Sorry guys!) I'll stick with this one for now.

Here's another good opinion piece on the limp reaction of the US cultural elite to the notion of sacrifice for this war. I may dig up all the links to the articles I've read lately - the ones that keep me from being depressed and thinking we are doomed - and post them here. Then, when I am more awake and have had some lunch (add three hours to the time my articles supposedly posted at and you'll get an idea of what time it is where I am - I will have to figure out how to reset the time stamp to EST), I will put up more commentary of my own. I will, I will.

My new blog! Well, I picked the least hideous template - I rather like the orange colors, kind of autumnal. I may replace my current diary with this site, or this may be a supplement.

In other news, I found a neat site for philosophical terms; it's where I got the name for this site. Not that I want to have anything more to do with philosophy than my major (humanities) demands.

People in academe still sneer at the internet as a source of research, which I suppose is true if you are looking for older published works, but as a source of up-to-date news it leaves the standard media in the dust. One doesn't want to use Drudge as a source for a research paper, of course. But I am not exactly missing CNN, since from what I have read (on their website as well as other comments elsewhere) I can get the same all-anthrax, all-the-time, US-killed-civilians-in-Afghanistan stuff on my local news networks.

Well, this was a test: let's see how it works.

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